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When is Rose Day 2024 and What is the Importance of First Day of Valentine’s Week?

When is Rose Day? Why it is observed on the first day of Valentine's week? What is the history behind Rose Day? Get answers to all these questions and more in this article.

Rose Day 2024 DateEvery year, Rose Day marks the beginning of Valentine’s week. The day is dedicated to expressing emotions through the timeless beauty and the fragrance of roses. The vibrant colours and delicate petals of this evergreen flower serve as messengers, carrying heartfelt sentiments that transcend words. This article will help us know the date, history and significance of Rose Day.

When is Rose Day in 2024?

Rose Day is celebrated every year on February 7. On this day, people exchange roses to celebrate their love and passion for one another.

Why is Rose Day celebrated?

According to Roman mythology, roses are a symbol of desire and represent Venus, the goddess of beauty and true love. Whereas, in Eastern civilisation, the sweet scent and beautiful colours of roses are associated with love. It is believed that it was during the Victorian period when people used roses as a token of affection. Since then, the first day of Valentine’s week has been celebrated as Rose Day.

What is the Significance of Different Rose Colours?

The exchange of roses on Rose Day holds great importance and significance. Each colour carries a unique message and adds depth and meaning to the expression of affection. Whether it’s the passionate red roses or the friendship-inducing yellow blooms, each petal tells a story of connection and sentiment.

Refer to the table below to pick the best colour to share with loved ones this Rose Day.

Red Rose
Love, Passion, Courage, And Respect
Purity, Innocence, And Virtue
Admiration, Joy, Gratitude, And Appreciation
Friendship And Joy
Enthusiasm And Desire
Enchantment And Love At First Sight
Desire And Enthusiasm
Mystery, Enchantment, And Unattainable Love


Red: Red roses are the most classic Valentine’s Day flower. This colour is a representation of perfection, beauty, romance, and love.

Orange: The Orange rose is a symbol of vitality, vigour, enthusiasm, and passion. Orange roses also symbolize admiration and excitement, making them the perfect gift for your loved one after a big accomplishment.

Yellow: The warmth is a symbol of happiness, joy, and friendship. These flowers can also be given as a token of love and remembrance.

White: There are many different meanings associated with white roses, such as innocence, elegance, humility, and purity. These flowers have traditionally been associated with weddings, and as a result, they have also symbolised fresh starts and growth.

Pink: The pink rose is a way to show appreciation for femininity, grace and refinement. While delicate pinks are typically used to portray feelings of adoration, joy, or compassion, darker pinks convey gratitude.

Lavender: Lavender’s soft colour represents love at first sight or even delight. The royal colour flowers also represent purity, silence, devotion, serenity, grace, and calmness.

Coral: The coral rose, which is a mix of red and yellow, expresses the situation between “I love you” and “You’re a great friend.” It’s a charming gift to convey enthusiasm without being overwhelming for a first date.

Blue: Blue roses are a symbol of mystery, desire, and adoration. They have the strange yet exquisite ability to convey intense romantic feelings of love, affection, and respect for a lady.

In conclusion, Rose Day draws a trail of blooming emotions and the promise of love in the air. With the vibrant hues and sweet smell of roses, let the beauty of this simple yet profound gesture linger in your hearts this Valentine’s Week. Happy Rose Day!

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