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Chandrayaan 3: Do you know who is Veera Muthuvel, the mastermind behind Chandrayaan-3?

Scientist Veera Muthuvel: Mastermind of this project who served as Project Director of Chandrayaan 3 spacecraft. Dr. P. Here are some interesting facts about Veera Muthuvel.

The countdown to the launch of Chandrayaan – 3 has begun. ISRO has made all preparations for this and today (July 14) the rocket will be launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Center at 2:35 PM. The entire country is waiting for this historic moment. Dr. Scientist from Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu. P. Veera Muthuvel played an important role in the development of Chandrayaan – 3 . He is the mastermind of this project who has served as the Project Director of Chandrayaan 3 spacecraft. Dr. P. Here are some interesting facts about Veera Muthuvel.

Early life:

Dr. P. Veera Muthuvel was born in Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu. His father Palanivel works as a technician in Southern Railway. After studying at the Railway School, Villupuram, he completed his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from a private polytechnic college. However, he had an interest in space and a desire to achieve something in that field. So he quit his mechanical engineering job and joined a private college in Tambaram to achieve what he wanted. He later joined IIT Chennai for higher studies and conducted important research in the field of aerospace.

Travel in ISRO:

With a keen interest in hardware work, Veera Muthuvel got an opportunity to become a scientist at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in 1989. Never one to miss an opportunity like gold, Muthuvel joined ISRO. The opportunities that followed never looked back. He fulfilled his dream of working in ISRO along with many organizations in India and abroad.

Acclaimed Research:

In 2016, submitted a research paper on vibration control system in spacecraft electronics package. Apart from this, experiments were conducted at the UR Rao Satellite Center in Bangalore. It was understood that this would help land the spacecraft’s lander on the Moon and power the rover portion of the spacecraft. ISRO Veera Muthuvel who was surprised to see this research paper was showered with praise.

Chandrayaan 3 Project Director:

After 30 years of experience working on multiple projects and various responsibilities at ISRO, Veera Muthuvel was appointed as the Director of Chandrayaan 3 in 2019, replacing Scientist Kavitha.


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