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Top 10 Railway Junctions in India 2024

Looking for information related to the top notch and highly maintained railway junctions of the country?

Top 10 Railway Junctions in India: Seeking online information related to the top notch and well maintained railway junctions in the country? If yes, here you will get good information on the same. Well, if we start listing the top notch railway stations of the country, it will start definitely with Howrah station that has over 23 platforms, and millions of passengers travel to and fro from the same on daily basis.

New Delhi railway station is next in the list that has about 16 platforms, and over 350 trains pass by the station daily definitely leaving it much crowded. Kanpur rail station is next in the list and as per the stats, over 280 trains used to pass by the junction daily. Kalyan junction comes next in the list that is also reckoned as the busiest junction of Mumbai suburban rail stations having 8 platforms and both kinds of local and long distance trains used to pass by the same. Patna junction is another one in the list, well known and reckoned to be connecting the other important cities of the country in a well approachable way.

Next is the Vijayawada rail station where over 400 freight trains as well as passenger based trains pass by daily. The next come the Allahabad junction and as per the research done, it is among the second busiest rail junctions of UP and from where a large number of Rajdhanis and Durontos cross by. Another rail station that is in the list is Itarsi junction that is undoubtedly the busiest and prime ones of MP, with a total of 7 platforms. The other is Vadodara station that is an important one of Gujarat with many trains crossing the same. The last one is Charbagh station, with over 300 trains crossing the junction on daily basis.

Want to know about top and best railway junctions of the country?

Here, you will definitely get all the details. Howrah railway station tops the chart, reckoned among one of the busiest and crowded ones and serving approximate 1 million passengers on daily basis from here and there. New Delhi comes next in the list and is been supposed to comprise 16 platforms in total. About 350 trains on daily basis pass by through the railway platform and it has even the biggest route interlocking system.

Other station that comes in the list is Kanpur railway station. Belonging to Northern railways, about 280 trains runs and cross to and fro from the station on daily basis. Other important rail junction that comes in the list is Kalyan junction, recognized as one of the busiest and crowded suburban rail stations of Mumbai. It comprises 8 platforms supposed to be having local trains as well as long distance trains. Other station that comes in the list of top railway stations of the country is Patna junction. Supervised by the Eastern Railways, it is the prominent station and connects to most of the leading Indian cities and towns of the country. Vijayawada rail station comes next in the list, also been referred to as A1 junction of the country and with more than 400 passenger and freight based trains. Next busiest station that comes in the list is Kanpur station with most of the Rajdhanis and Durontos crossing by the same. Hope the information is knowledgeable and wishing you a safe journey!

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Railways connect various parts of the country. Almost every city has a Railway station, though the frequency of the trains might differ. There are junctions which are on route and destination of many trains and hence witness huge frequency of trains each day.

The Top 10 Railway junction in India:

  • The Howrah Junction tops the list as it has as much as 23 platforms which serve more than 1 million passengers. It has largest and busiest platforms in India.
Howrah Junction
Howrah Junction
  • New Delhi station is the hub of trains with over 350 trains passing by each day. It has 16 platforms with largest route interlocking system
New Delhi Railway Station
New Delhi Railway Station
  • Kanpur is yet another busiest junction of Northern Railways with over 280 trains. It is one of the 5 Central Railway stations in India.
  • Kalyan is one of the major as well as busiest suburban junctions of Mumbai. There are 8 platforms serving long-distance as well as local trains.
  • Patna junction is connected to almost all major Indian cities and prominent station of East Central Railways
  • Vijayawada station falls under top 5 busiest junctions with over 400 freight and passenger trains. It is categorised as an A-1 station of India.
  • Allahabad is second busiest junction of UP with Rajdhani and Duronto express passing by them
  • Itarsi is the busiest junction of MP with almost 330 passenger trains with 7 platforms
  • Vadodara is eminent and busiest junctions in Gujarat with many trains passing through it
  • Charbagh Railway station of Lucknow is yet another busy junction in UP with 300 trains each day.


1. Which is the Largest Railway Station in India in Terms of Platforms?

Howrah Junction (HWH) is the largest station in the whole of India in terms of platforms. It has 23 platforms. With 23 railroad tracks, it handles almost 280 trains per day. With around a million passengers using it every day for transportation, it is also one of the busiest stations in the whole country.

2. Which Railway Station has the World’s Longest Railway Platform?

The longest railway station in the world is located in Karnataka and is called Hubli. It is run by the South Western Railways’ Hubli division and is also referred to as Shree Siddharoodha Swamiji – Hubballi Junction. At 1,505 meters, Platform 1 of the Hubbali station is the world’s longest railway platform.

3. Which is the Second Longest Platform in India?

The second-longest platform, spanning 1,366.33 meters, is located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in the city of Gorakhpur. The third-longest platform, measuring 1,180.5 meters, is located at Kollam Junction in Kerala.

4. Which is the Second Largest Railway Station in India?

The Sealdah Railway Station, Kolkata, West Bengal, is India’s 2nd largest railway station in India. It’s a significant suburban train station. Sealdah can be reached by the recently constructed underground Sealdah metro station on Kolkata Metro Line 2.

5. Is Howrah Junction and Howrah Railway Station Same?

Yes, the Howrah Railway Station, which is situated in the Indian state of West Bengal, is sometimes referred to as Howrah Junction or simply Howrah Station.


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