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Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in China 2024

Even for people like us who travel the length and breadth of this vast, diverse, and exciting country to create China tours with beautiful travel memories. So, how do we narrow the list of best cities to visit in China when there are so many exciting destinations you can choose?

Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in China: The most populous nation in the world, China´s vast territory encompasses diverse peoples and places all with their own unique cultures, customs and ways of life. As such, its cities beautifully highlight this rich cultural diversity and one could spend a lifetime exploring all the sights they have to offer.

With lovely temples, palaces and gardens on display, the best cities in China have a plethora of attractions for you to delight in and that´s without even mentioning two of its greatest tourist draws – the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army!

Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in China 2024

1. Beijing

Top Amazing Tourist Attractions in Beijing

With over twenty million people residing in the nation’s capital, Beijing is a bustling and expansive city with a plethora of attractions for visitors to delight in. As a first stop, many head to the huge Tiananmen Square which is bordered by so many fine buildings such as the Forbidden City which once housed the imperial court. With over a hundred museums dotted about the city as well as a number of palaces, temples and archaeological sites interspersed among the encroaching modern buildings; there certainly is a lot to see.

Make sure to take to the streets and try as much delicious food as possible! From Beijing, it is just under an hour to visit some of the nicest parts of the Great Wall of China. Twisting and weaving its way over the hills and mountains of the countryside; it really is an incredible feat of engineering.

2. Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

This city of skyscrapers lies on Victoria Bay and behind it, a beautiful backdrop of forest-coated mountains only adds to the magnificence of the scenery. The nearby Victoria Peak is a great vantage point from which to behold the glistening Hong Kong in all its glory. Another fantastic way to take in the panorama is to take to the water and look up at the high-rises stretching towards the heavens before you.

Cosmopolitan Hong Kong is a mishmash of cultures and peoples and that is in part what makes it so worth visiting. That and the lively markets – a shopper’s paradise! Nearby Lantau Island is a great destination for nature lovers looking to get out of the city.

3. Shanghai


As the largest city in China, Shanghai is a thriving place with a wealth of things to see and do. Lying on the banks of Huangpu River, the towering skyscrapers make for a spectacular sight and somewhat surprisingly; there are loads of Art Deco buildings to be found among them. Most tourists head straight to the Bund which is located alongside the riverbank and has an eclectic mix of colonial-era buildings.

Often called ´the museum of buildings´, the Bund is a relic to the foreign imperial powers that once ruled the city. Due to Shanghai´s rapid growth over the last century, the city is an eclectic mix of different architectural styles and as a commercial center it is great for shopping in. For a glimpse of old Shanghai, head to the Old Town and the lovely walled Yuyuan Gardens.

4. Xi’an


With a plethora of historical sites littered around the city, it certainly is tough to see everything in Xi´an. The Army of Terracotta Warriors and Horses however is an absolute must and they really are spellbinding to behold. In addition to this you should also look to visit the city´s ancient city walls which protected Xi´an and enabled it to turn into the ruling seat of the Ming Dynasty. In fact, seventy-three emperors ended up ruling from here for over a thousand years and Xi´an was the capital of thirteen dynasties in total.

What we now know as Chinese civilization spread forth from this influential city and although rampant modernization has changed the face of Xi´an you can still find numerous sites that testify to its former glory.

5. Lhasa


The capital of Tibet, Lhasa is a mesmerising city to visit and it is situated in a beautiful and mountainous environment in the Himalayas. The Potala Palace is the primary site of interest and the incredible building looks absolutely amazing. Jokhang Palace is also memorable to visit and it is home to Tibet´s most prized possession – an ancient and delightful statue of the Buddha. Very different from the rest of China; head here for an insight into the rich Tibetan culture.

6. Guangzhou


Dating back over two thousand years, Guangzhou´s location on the Maritime Silk Road means that it has ancient historical sites and, due to the diverse influences of traders on the city; an eclectic range of architectural styles. As the third largest city in China, Guangzhou is a hectic and chaotic place to visit and its vast size can threaten to be overwhelming.

Hidden amongst the endless concrete jungle however are some of the oldest temples in the country such as the Liurong Temple as well as the lovely 627 AD Huaisheng Mosque. A melting pot of cultures, Guangzhou is a frenetic yet interesting place to catch a glimpse into cosmopolitan China. Taking a boat trip on the river at night past the sparkling skyscrapers will live long in the memory and, with the most restaurants per capita; your stomach will also savour your trip to Guangzhou!

7. Guilin

Guilin Li River (Lijiang) National Park
Guilin Li River (Lijiang) National Park

The otherworldly scenery that is found in Giulin and its surroundings makes this an awe-inspiring place to visit. Relaxing on a boat drifting down the Li River is a magical experience as the spectacular karst features of the landscape pass by on either side of you. Shrouded in mist, they look mysterious and if you venture into the heart of breathtaking Yangshuo, you will find caves and grottoes hidden amidst the undergrowth. An incredibly beautiful city, many visitors to Guilin head to the Moon and Sun Pagoda for the lovely view it offers over the area.

8. Hangzhou


Very popular with tourists, Hangzhou is known for its stunning natural beauty with the idyllic West Lake being the very best of what is on offer with the Broken Bridge being the romantic highlight. Taking a boat trip on its tranquil waters is heavenly and you can stop off at various islands which each have their own individual features.

A number of temples and pagodas are scattered around the area and, with the water glimmering behind them; there are a plethora of beautiful views to be found. One of the most famous sites in the country, Lingyin Temple is a must-see in this breathtaking city.

9. Kunming


Located in the south of the country, ´The City of Eternal Spring´ as it is known is a great place from which to set off and explore delights of the beautiful Yunnan Province. In Kunming itself the spectacular Yuantong Temple dates back to the eight century and is definitely worth a visit for the impressive stone carvings that can be found scattered around its premises. Tanhua Temple is becoming increasingly popular due to the lovely scenery it offers up.

10. Suzhou


Located in eastern China, Suzhou´s close proximity to Shanghai means that it is a popular day trip destination. Famed for its lovely gardens and traditional buildings that hug the waterside of the canals, locals and foreigners alike flock to Suzhou as it is the most famous water town in China. Its picturesque canals are delightful to wander along as small footbridges cross the water and paper lanterns hang from the buildings.

Although it has modernised drastically in recent decades, the city has retained pockets of its charming features that harken back to days gone by. The Humble Administrator’s Garden is a particularly peaceful place to stop by. At one time the capital of the Wu Kingdom, Suzhou was once one of the largest cities in the world. Since the days of the Silk Road, the city has attracted traders and craftsmen to its streets due to its fabled silk production and location in the Yangtze River Delta.


What are the top 5 cities in China?

The five largest cities in China by population are Shanghai (21 million), Beijing (19 million) , Shenzhen (17 million), Guangzhou (16 million) and Chengdu (14 million).

Which Chinese city should I visit?

In most China tour packages, Beijing is the first stop within travel itineraries. Ranking as the top tourist hub in China, Beijing is most famous for its splendours dating back from the Ming-Qing dynasty, which is also the most thriving days of the city in the past.

What is the richest city in China?

They are Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou in Guangdong province, Hangzhou in Zhejiang province, Hong Kong, and Taipei. Beijing, with 125,600 millionaires, has made it into the top ten for the first time, ranking 10th on the list.

What is China’s #1 tourist attraction?

The Great Wall of China is considered to be the only man-made project visible from the moon. Although it was once thought to have been built entirely during the Qin Dynasty between 221 and 238 BC, it is now believed to have been started earlier. Stretching more than 6,400 kilometers in length.

Is China costly than India?

India is (based on IMF data ) 84.9% cheaper than China. China’s relative (to US) price level is 68.8, compared to 37.2 in India. In simple words, an average product costing 68.8 units in China (and 100 units in US), will cost only 37.2 units in India.

What is the poorest city in China?

Xihaigu is a region forming the southern tip of Ningxia, China. It consists of the seven county-level divisions Yuanzhou, Xiji, Longde, Jingyuan, Pengyang, Haiyuan and Tongxin. The former five counties being part of Guyuan city. It forms one of the poorest areas in China.


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