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Teddy Day 2024: Date, history and significance of this day in Valentine’s Week

Teddy Day: From history to significance, here's all that you need to know about Teddy Day during the Valentine's Week, ahead of Valentine's Day

Teddy Day 2024: Valentine’s Week started on February 7 and since then, love is in the air, quite literally. This is the season of love, and we cannot keep calm. February 14 is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. The week before that is celebrated as Valentine’s Week which starts with Rose Day on February 7 and ends with Kiss Day on February 13. The entire week comprises of Rose Day (February 7), Propose Day (February 8), Chocolate Day (February 9), Teddy Day (February 10), Promise Day (February 11), Hug Day (February 12), and Kiss Day (February 13). February 10, the fourth day of the week, is observed as Teddy Day.

As we gear up to celebrate Teddy Day, here are a few things to know about the special day:

Happy Teddy day
Happy Teddy day


Every year, Teddy Day is observed on February 10 – the fourth day of the week of love. This year, Teddy Day falls on a Saturday.


Teddies are mushy soft toys and make for a perfect gift for a romantic date. From children to adults, teddies are loved by all and for all the right reasons. However, teddy got its name from Theodore Teddy’ Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States. On this day, people gift their beloved with these soft toys to make their day better and let them know that having them in their lives makes them feel as comfortable and happy as a teddy.


To mark the special day, gift your beloved a teddy bear and also write a personalised note to let them know how special they are for you. The best way to celebrate is by surrounding yourself with a lot of soft toys and spending the day with them. You can also plan a dinner date with the theme of teddy and create new memories with your loved one.


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