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Independence Day Speech 2024 in English for School Students and Children

Independence Day Speech Ideas, Essay Writing Ideas: Every year patriotic programs are organized in schools, colleges and offices on the occasion of Independence Day. Here are tips for preparing children to give speeches and write essays.

Independence Day Speech in English: On August 15, 2024, India will celebrate its 78th Independence Day, honouring the sacrifices of its freedom fighters who fought for its freedom from British rule. 15th August in India is marked with nationwide flag hoisting in schools, offices, and government offices to showcase national pride. Independence Day celebrations reflect immense enthusiasm and patriotism, re-affirming India’s dedication to building an inclusive and strong nation for future generations. Under the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav initiative, the government encourages citizens to bring the Indian flag home through the “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign. Various activities, including speech contests, are held in schools and workplaces to celebrate the nation’s freedom. Delivering a speech on Independence Day in your school is a matter of pride. The 76th Independence Day speech should highlight the significance of unity, diversity, and progress, emphasising the country’s commitment to democratic values and principles. In this article, we have brought you an Independence Day Speech in English for students. These short as well as long speeches can be used in school assemblies, speech competitions, etc.

Independence Day Speech 2024 in English for School Students

Respected principal, teachers, judges and my dear friends, today, as we gather to commemorate the 76th Independence Day of India, our hearts are filled with emotions of gratitude, pride, and determination. On this historic day, we pay tribute to the brave souls who laid down their lives and fought valiantly for the freedom we cherish today. I extend a warm welcome to all gathered here to celebrate this glorious celebration. As we celebrate 77 years of Independent and Incredible India, I extend heartfelt congratulations to everyone here.
August 15th holds immense significance for every Indian, whether residing within India or abroad. It is a day of immense pride and patriotism as the Indian flag flies high in the blue sky at our homes and schools. As we raise the tricolour, let us pay homage to the brave freedom fighters who made the ultimate sacrifice in the struggle for independence.
India, the world’s largest democracy, showcases the successful celebration of a rich cultural heritage and civilisation. Today, I extend my deepest gratitude to all those who have contributed to the growth, peace, and prosperity of our nation, fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of millions of Indians.
On the 78th independence of India, let us solemnly promise to contribute to our country’s progress, uphold its dignity, and safeguard its values. Let us ensure to walk on the path of the freedom fighters and stay responsible, seek knowledge and become dedicated citizens committed to defending our nation against any challenges.
Together, we must strive to build and develop our country, making it the greatest in the world. Let us embrace our roles as responsible citizens in a democratic nation and work towards its successful leadership.
Let us cherish this occasion of national pride and move forward with determination and unity towards a brighter and prosperous India.
Jai Hind! Happy Independence Day!

Easy Independence Day Speech in English for Kids

Respected principal, teachers, judges and my dear friends, today, we gather here to celebrate the 78th Independence Day of our India – Bharat – Hindustan. This special occasion has filled our hearts with pride and gratitude for the sacrifices of our freedom fighters who fought bravely for our liberty.
15th August 2024 marks the 76th anniversary of the liberation of our nation from British colonial rule. The British ruled our nation for 200 years. They had come to India for trade and commerce but instead, they looted India and exploited its people. India became an independent country on August 15, 1947, because our ancestors fought for centuries.
Indian Independence Day is not just a day of joy and happiness. Our courageous and selfless freedom fighters fought year after year, generation after generation, to get back our freedom. Therefore, this is also a day to remember those who laid down their lives for India’s independent future. Today is the day to pledge that we will stay committed, dedicated and loyal to Mother India.
Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

Tips to Deliver Amazing Independence Day Speech in School

Tip 1: Drink some water and clear your throat before going on stage to address your audience. This will help you feel more confident.
Tip 2: Start your speech with heart-touching quotes, slogans or sayings by freedom fighters to instantly connect with your audience on an emotional level.
Tip 3: Be loud and clear. Neither stand too close or too far from the mic. In general, try to maintain about 4 to 5 inches distance from the microphone so that you are clearly audible.
Tip 4: Do not keep your hands stationary in one place. Try to move your hands and make some and gestures. This will help your listeners engage with you at a conversational level.
Tip 5: End your speech with a strong and touching message so that your listeners feel a deep impact of your speech.

Independence Day Slogans in English

  1. East or West, India is the best.
  2. Freedom is my birth right and I shall have it.
  3. One nation, one flag, one destiny – Happy Independence Day.
  4. Celebrate freedom, celebrate India.
  5. United we stand, together we celebrate freedom!

We hope this article proves to be useful for you. The speeches presented above impart national pride, patriotism, and emotional values attached to a person for his/her country. We hope these speeches will fill the eyes of your listeners with joyful tears and swell their chests with pride. Let’s make this Independence Day a memorable one with such engaging and emotional speeches.


How to write 10 lines about Independence Day?

The freedom struggle of India was more than a century long but you can easily capture the essence of India’s freedom struggle against the British using the easy speeches on Indian Independence Day given in this article, You can also refer to the slogans given in this article for reference and help.

Which edition of Independence Day in 2024?

August 15, 2024 is the 78th Independence Day of India. However, one must note that on 15th August 2024, India will complete its 77 years of independence.

How to write an Independence Day speech in English?

To write Independence Day Speech in English, you must have an attractive beginning and end to the speech draft. The body of your speech should have details about India’s Independence struggle. In this article, we have provided Independence day speech in English for school students and children in short and easy language, quick to learn.

What is an Independence Day speech?

Independence Day speech is a small address delivered to an audience speaking about India’s freedom struggle against British colonial rule. Usually, Independence Day speeches are delivered in schools in front of the principal, guests, teachers and students.

How to start a speech on 15 August in English?

You should always start the 15th August English speech by addressing the audience in a respectful manner. You can also add a quote or slogan to attract the attention of the listeners.

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