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Huaibei Ski Resort Beijing: Information and Guide

Huaibei Ski Resort lies in Huairou District, 67 km (42 mi) northeast from Beijing city center. It has ski trails for ski lovers of different levels and permits 5,000 people to ski at the same time. Surrounded by Great Wall, it is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Beijing. The ski area usually opens from around December to next middle March. In other time, visitors can participate in many outdoor activities like water ski and camping.

8 Ski Trails to Meet the Needs of All Skiers

There are 8 ski trails in Huaibei Ski Resort: 1 for the professional skier, 3 for the intermediate skier, 3 beginners’ trails, and 1 training trail.

Trail Type Length Width Average Gradient
Beginner Trail (Trail No.2) 200m 70m
Beginner Trail (Trail No.3) 550m 40m
Beginner Trail (Trail No.4) 320m 40m 11°
Intermediate Trail (Trail No.1) 270m 40m 15°
Intermediate Trail (Trail No.5) 720m 20m 18°
Intermediate and Advanced Trail (Trail No.7) 820m 40m 22°
Advanced Trail (Trail No.6) 850m 20m 26°
Training Trail (Trail No.2) 10m 60m

Except for ski trails, Huaibei International Ski Resort also owns three ski lifts and it is the only ski resort that builds ski lift for beginner trail. Besides, 4 big drag lifts and 1 conveyor belt make your way to the top more convenient.

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Ski Equipment and Rental Fee

Huaibei Ski Resort Beijing
Huaibei Ski Resort Beijing

The ski equipment hall which has a coverage of 3,000 square meters (3,587 square yards) provides various ski equipment including snow suit, locker, gloves, helmets, skis, snow goggles, snowboard, children’s snowboard. There is no snow cap and scarfs for renting, but you can buy them in the store.

Ski Equipment Rental Fee (CNY)
Ski Suit 40 / suit
Locker 30
Helmet 25
Gloves 10 / pair
Snow goggles 25 / pair
Snow Tubing 30 / 30min


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Ski Season & Opening Time

The ski area is open in snow season from the middle Nov. or the beginning of Dec. to middle March and the business hour is 08:30 ~ 16:30 in the daytime and 17:00 – 21:00 at nighttime.

Ski Cost at Huaibei Ski Resort (2021 – 2022)

Item Price (CNY)
Entrance Ticket 30
Insurance 10
Ski Monday 38
Tuesday 58
Wednesday 68
Thursday 78
Friday 88
Weekends 178
New Year Holiday 198
Night Ticket (17:00 – 21:00) 58


Note: The ski fee includes the fee for renting ski board and using ski trails. A deposit of CNY 300 is required.

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Things to Do in Non-Ski Season

Huaibei Ski Resort Beijing
Huaibei Ski Resort Beijing

Besides skiing and ski-relating activities in winter, visitors can also experience auto-camping, mountain CS, field survival training, Great Wall-crossing, swimming raft, field survival training, orienteering, swimming raft, climbing and fishing at Huaibei International Ski Resort.

  • Auto-camping: It is the biggest self-driving camp base in Beijing that mixes motor homes, outdoor activities, leisure, and room and board. 2,000 tents are admissible here at the same time while 400 automobiles can be parked here. In addition, there are 80 sets of accessory equipment for your convenience.
  • Mountain CS: Beijing Huaibei Ski Resort provides the most advanced military laser simulation countermine system, the most realistic environment, and professional military instructor.
  • Swimming Raft: You will experience a kind of different feeling when you raft in the abundant mountain spring water at the foot of the Great Wall.
  • Field Survival Training: You can get close to the nature because it offers you a well-established lighting facility, barbecue facility, and shower area.
  • Fishing: The clean and microelement-contained mountain spring water here is the best condition for nourishing cold water fish and developing the beverage industry. You can fish here while enjoying a nice, additive-free drink.

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Where to Dine

Restaurants close to the Equipment Hall can accommodate 800 people to have the meal at the same time. You can have traditional Chinese food like Yunnan Rice Noodles, spicy hot pot, Sinkiang barbecue and also Western food like fast food and hot or cold drinks.

How to Get to Huaibei Ski Resort

Huaibei Ski Resort Beijing
Huaibei Ski Resort Beijing

Take bus line 916 at Dongzhimen Transportation Hub and get off at Mingzhu Square, then transfer to line 862 at the same station and get off at Jiugukou station, then walk about 900 meters (990 yards) to get to the ski resort.

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