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Badaling Wildlife World: Information and Guide

Badaling Wildlife World, at the foot of the world famous Badaling Great Wall and adjacent to Badaling National Forest Park, is China’s largest mountain wildlife attraction. Covering an area of nearly 98 acres, there are ten thousand wild animals of more than one hundred different species in Badaling Wildlife World. The collection includes over 100 African lions, more than 20 white tigers, and over 20 Asian tigers. Tourists also can see Malayan bears, the iconic panda, golden monkeys, crested ibis, Asian antelope, leopards, wolves, African giraffes, wildebeests, gallops, white flour wildebeests, kangaroos from Australia, and various rare pheasants, blue and white peacocks, black swans, red-crowned cranes, macaw and so on.

The park is divided into five areas, viz: Wildlife Area, Mountain Forest Sightseeing Area, Ecological Protection Area, Ancient Culture Area, and the Leisure Area.

Wildlife Area

The Wildlife Area includes the Wild Animal Area and the Gentle Animal Area. The Wildlife Area is characterized by the display of large populations of free-range animals, bringing together representative animals from all over the world. Tourists can take the free sightseeing bus or cage car to feed the animals. In this area, tourists can enjoy the sight of the tigers, lions and wolves running on the grassland to hunt. The sightseeing time is approximately 30 minutes. In Gentle Animal Area, tourist can walk to see some animals in captivity and the suggested sightseeing time is about 2 hours.

Badaling Wildlife World
Badaling Wildlife World

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Mountain Forest Sightseeing Area and Ecological Protection Area

Badaling Wildlife World is a large natural ecological park built on the mountain. Because of the high elevation, a beautiful view of the mountain can be enjoyed in the park. There are many kinds of plants in this park. In the spring, tourists can enjoy the elm. In the summer the purple ivy blossoms. Red leaves all over the mountain is the character of the autumn. The snow-covered mountain landscape can be enjoyed in winter. Wandering among the mountains and forests, tourists can see frogs hopping, eagles soaring, and hear birds chirping.

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Ancient Culture Area

There are 3.5 kilometers (2.2 miles) of the old Great Wall and the ancient kiln site where the bricks were fired in the Badaling Wildlife World. What’s more, a stone Sakyamuni Buddha has been sitting in a natural stone cave for thousands of years.

Badaling Wildlife World
Badaling Wildlife World

Leisure Areas

There are leisure areas in different locations throughout the park. The commercial street in the park gate area is where tourists can shop and dine. The Ark Plaza in the southwest of the park is where tourists can take a break and sun bathe. The planned resort is in the northwest of the park and has a capacity for up to 300 people daily. With the hotel and 30 villas, visitors can leave the city for a short stay.

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How to Get to Badaling Wildlife World

Badaling Wildlife World
Badaling Wildlife World

1. Take bus 919 or 880  and get off at the Badaling stop. After, wlalk northward for 250 meters (273 yards) to the traffic light, turn right and walk for 550 meters (601 yards) and turn right at the T-junction, then walk southward for about 600 meters (656 yards) to the entrance.

2. Take the suburban railway line S2 from Huangtudian Railway Station and get off at the Badaling Railway Station, then take a free shuttle bus to reach Badaling Wildlife World.

Opening time 8:00-17:00
Suggested visiting hours 2.5 hours
Ticket CNY 90 for an adult
CNY 45 for a child between 1.2-1.4 meters (3.9-4.6 feet) tall.
Free for children under 1.2 meters.
Insurance: CNY 5 per person
Sightseeing Car Sightseeing bus: Free
Cage car: CNY 15 per person


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