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Badaling Ski Resort: Information and Guide

Located about 2 km (1.2 mi) west of the Badaling Great Wall, Badaling Ski Resort enjoys a reputation for being one of the top 10 popular resorts in Beijing. The whole ski resort covers an area of 300 hectares (4,500 acres) with professional trails for beginners and old hands. You can have a thrilling experience on snowboards in this paradise for skiers. After skiing, you can take a hot spring bath in the resort to fully relax. What a wonderful life it is!

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1. Four trails to meet the needs of skiers at different levels

There are altogether four trails in Badaling Ski Resort: two 800-meter-long trails for beginners, one 800-meter-long trail for intermediate learners and an 800-meter-long trail with a drop of 160 meters for advanced skiers.

2. Cable car and belt conveyers available

To better serve avid skiers, a cable car line has been installed for the advanced trail, which can transport over 600 persons per hour. Each of the cable car has two seats. On the intermediate and beginner’s trails, belt conveyers are available. This saves skier’s energies for climbing upward to the top end of the trail.

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3. Professional ski equipment and coaches

To ensure skier’s safety, Badaling Ski Resort imported all ski equipment from countries which are developed in skiing industry, like Austria and Japan. In the large ski equipment hall, you can select from various snowboards and protective equipment at a certain cost. Besides, there are noted coaches both home and abroad for your choice.

4. Exciting outdoor winter sports

Apart from skiing, you can have fun in many other entertaining snow sports, such as dog sledding, horse riding on snow field, bungee jumping, self-help ice sculpting, trekking though glaciers, and crossing icy lake. The excellent projects will bring you unprecedented excitement.

5. Watching cloud on the cable car to Riyue Terrace

When you take the sightseeing cable car to the Riyue Terrace in Badaling Ski Resort, you will feel like flying in the air and the clouds are below your feet.

Skiing Cost of Badaling Ski Resort

Badaling Ski Resort
Badaling Ski Resort
Ski Duration Weekday Weekends and Public Holidays
Full Day CNY 170 CNY 240
1. Children below 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) enjoy half price.
2. The fee includes the rental fee of snowshoes, snowboard, snow poles and the fee for taking cable cars and belt conveyers. If you take your own equipment, you can enjoy a 50% discount.

Rental Cost of Ski Equipment

Ski Suit CNY 40
Locker CNY 20
Note: A deposit of CNY 300 is required.

Opening Time of Badaling Ski Resort

Badaling Ski Resort
Badaling Ski Resort

Badaling Ski Resort annually opens during the snow season of Beijing, from mid-November to the beginning of March. The daily opening hours are from 9:00 to 18:00.

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1. Go to the snow resort as early as possible. The peak time for renting skiing equipment every day is around 9:30. In order to rent ski equipment smoothly without too much wait, please set out early in the morning.

2. Do some warm-up exercise before skiing. Generally, there is a certain distance between the entrance to the ski field and the ski equipment hall. You can take some exercise on the way to avoid getting sprained during skiing.

3. When you go through the procedure of receiving the ski equipment, remember to ask for a deposit receipt, and carefully check the ski equipment and suits to see if there is any damage. Try the ski suit and snowshoes on the spot so you can change it in time.

4. The peak time for lunch is between 12:30 and 13:30. Try to avoid the peak hours and take care of your ski equipment during lunch to avoid loss.

5. Please choose the trail according to your own conditions. Beginners please don’t directly go to the intermediate or advanced trail.

6. When returning the equipment, be sure to ask the staff to stamp the deposit receipt and get your deposit back.

Where to Dine

Both Chinese food restaurant and western food restaurant can be found in Badaling Ski Resort. The Chinese food mainly consists Beijing cuisine, hot pot, and hot drink. Guests can order the meal or take a buffet. The cost for a buffet is CNY 50 each person.

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Where to Stay Overnight

For tourists wishing to stay overnight in Badaling Ski Resort, the Badaling Ski Resort Hotel is a nice choice. It’s a well-equipped four-star hotel. There are altogether 37 double-bed rooms, 9 triple-bed rooms, 11 double rooms, 22 rooms with Korean Tatami, and 3 deluxe suits. TV programs, WIFI, hot water, bar, and stores are all available.

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How to Get to Badaling Ski Resort

1. Take bus 919 from Deshengmen Bus Station to Yingchengziqiao Stop. After getting off the bus, take a taxi for a 5-minute ride to the Badaling Ski Resort.
2. Take a high speed train from Beijing North Railway Station to Badaling Great Wall Station. Then take a taxi to the Badaling Ski Resort.

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