WhatsApp, Telegram YouTube Like, Subscribe Poisonous: Beware of losing money if you fall for the offer!

Beware of losing money if you fall for the offers. A network of fraudsters is operating without suspicion. If you don't wake up to his stupid words, you will be in trouble! Here is information about the operation of the poison web scammers.

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  • Youtube Like Subscribe Scam on WhatsApp, Telegram!
  • If you are fooled by the desire for a part-time job, it is a difficult task
  • Cyber ​​crooks are waiting to prey on the innocent

Advances in technology have helped make life easier for users. The development of e-commerce has also led to a lot of change and innovation. It is true that it has made many tasks easier. But there is no shortage of scammers hiding behind this wall of progress. These fraudsters keep coming up with new ways to deceive the innocent. There are many people who got caught in this poison and shed tears. Now cyber fraudsters are waiting to weave another web of fraud. This time he used the name of YouTube…!

Like, Subscribe Scam!
These cyber “criminals” who lure you with part-time jobs ask you to like and subscribe to YouTube videos before stealing money. After that his game started. The Union Home Department has shared a video to create awareness about this. This video explains how fraudsters weave their webs. In addition, ways to avoid falling into the trap of these cyber fraudsters are also suggested in this video.

 As explained in a video shared on this Twitter account run by the Home Department, cybercriminals are using WhatsApp and Telegram. Aiming to scam everyone, these scammers lure all of them with part-time jobs and part-time jobs that can be done from home. As the first step of this scam, these cybercriminals ask you to like a YouTube video and subscribe to that account. Thus many people have recently lost lakhs of rupees by falling into his fraud network.

How does this team work?
Initially these fraudsters contact innocent people through whatsapp, telegram, we are looking for part time workers. They lure you by saying that you can earn Rs 5,000 per day. If the user accepts this offer, they will be added to the Telegram channel managed by ‘Task Manager’.

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This task manager gives them ‘work’! Same thing as pressing the like button!. Victims have to press the like button for some YouTube videos and send the screenshot to the ‘manager’. Thus, just as the victims keep liking YouTube videos, their earnings start appearing on their ‘Job App’…! Victims are happy to see this. But the real story is different. Because the amount seen on the screen is just for “display” only. Scammers never send users any money!

After this the scammers start a new venture. That is, the user is asked to invest a certain amount (eg Rs. 5,000) to withdraw the earned money.

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It means that the story is over!
Once you find the money shown by these scams and invest the amount they said then your story is over. Because scammers block users from WhatsApp and Telegram as soon as the money is transferred. Thus, the victims are not able to contact the “task manager” or even the HR who claims to be a part-time job provider. It means you lost money there.

In some other cases, fraudsters have also obtained innocent bank information. They ask users to provide their bank accounts to get the collected funds. If users believe this and send their bank details, cyber thieves will steal the money in innocent people’s banks!

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Be careful
before opening any link that offers various offers. Even if fraudsters use the names of big companies, try to know their antecedents. Before accepting a business or job/recruitment offer on such a messaging platform, check it properly. One thing to remember is that only such scammers ask you to pay fixed amount to get any job or money! In such case user should be careful and not accept any money transfer offer and not scan QR codes. Once caught in such a network, one can call 1930 or file a complaint on the cybercrime portal https://cybercrime.gov.in.

There is a saying that as long as there are cheaters, there will be cheaters. It is your responsibility to ensure that this statement does not become true.

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