Smartphone tips – Is this a mobile hang? Just follow these tips

Tell me who does not use the phone? Follow these tips if your phone hangs a lot.

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Smartphone tips: Most of the mobile users say that their phone is slow and hang. Some smart methods should be followed to use smartphone faster. Changing some settings on your smartphone will make your phone work faster than it is now. Many are not aware of these settings. So they think that the phone is not working properly, it is slow. You can increase the performance of your mobile phone by just following these 3 tips.

The phone becomes slow and hangs usually due to prolonged use of the smartphone. However if these tips are followed repeatedly the smartphone will run smoothly. Find out what those tips are.

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1. System and App Updates:

First open your smartphone settings. Check if the software is updated. Otherwise update your software. Software update may take up to 15 minutes. Then open the Google Play Store. Click on your profile and then Manage apps and device. See if there are apps that need to be updated. Update all apps.

2.Disable animation:

If your smartphone has animation, it will work slouch. Animation does not work properly on older smart phones. So open Settings and click on About. Tap on the build number seven times. Enable developer mode. Then in Settings, under Systems, select Developer Options. Animations appear when you scroll down. Turn off all animations.

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3. Files and Media:

Now click on Storage in your smartphone settings. Click on Manage Maintenance. Delete unnecessary files and applications. If you have a lot of important files back them up to your laptop or computer. or transfer to a memory card.

If you follow the above three tips your smartphone performance will be faster and smoother. If there is no change in your smartphone performance despite these suggestions then all files should be backed up and the smartphone factory reset. After factory reset download only necessary apps, copy only desired files.

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