Don’t need internet to use google map: Hey, how is this possible?, read this story

Google Maps: You can use Google Maps offline with the help of Google Maps Offline feature. Once you download the map you can search the route without the help of internet and use it offline.

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Map is one of the most important services provided by Google. Google map takes us to places we are not familiar with without any hindrance. Be it visiting a new big city or an unfamiliar town, Google Maps can reach any place. But if the user is running out of mobile data or the right network is not available then it becomes a problem. But don’t worry about no internet, you can use google map even without internet. Read this story to know how.

You can use Google Map offline with the help of Google Map Offline feature. Once you download the map you can search the route without the help of internet and use it offline. For this you open the Google Map app on your Android device. Find the place you need to reach. Tap Direction. It will be at the bottom left of your screen.

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Choose how you want to travel. Then tap the white bar. It is at the bottom of the screen. Now tap on Save Off Line. Google has also introduced a feature that allows its Maps users to save and share the exact addresses of their homes. This allows common users to use ‘Plus Codes’ while saving and sharing their home addresses.

With these plus codes you can set the code for your home address. Plus codes are free digital addresses. It provides simple and accurate addresses to any location on earth. Also includes places that do not have exact formal addresses. You can add a group of 6 or 7 characters with the name of the town or cities for a specific address. It does not rely on street and area names. Latitudes and longitudes can be used instead.

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