Chat GPT – Was the chicken the first to come to earth? an egg Chat GPT gives the answer!

Chat GPT Tutorial: Scientifically speaking, this question cannot usually be answered based on the natural processes of biology. Because according to biology, egg fertilization is necessary for laying chicken eggs.

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  • Was the chicken the first to come to earth? an egg 
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Chat GPT Tutorial: There is a lot of buzz around the world about Chat GPT. It is seen that people are looking for answers to their questions through this. It was asked whether the egg or the chicken came first on this earth. Chat GPT gave a funny answer to this question. In fact people are eager to find an answer to this question. But they are not getting the exact answer.

In fact, when Chat GPT was asked about it, he also gave a strange answer. As the answer to this question is not based on scientific or Vedic facts, no one knows which came first, the chicken or the egg, replied Chat GPT.

It was written further that there may be different views in this. Some believe that the egg came first and then the chicken, while others believe that the chicken came first and then started laying eggs. Another opinion is that many are of the opinion that both the egg and the chicken were created by nature at the same time. On the other hand, from a scientific point of view, both egg and chicken are the same organism and their production process may have evolved together.

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Although it is commonly seen that a hen lays an egg which later produces a chick. So there is no clear answer to this question, it is based on different perspectives and assumptions. You can discuss it in a humorous way or in depth, but never give a clear answer in a scientific or technical way.

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Some believe that the egg came first and then the chicken. Because a chicken does not lay an egg and its chicks are not born. Others believe that the hen came first and then started laying eggs. Because the question of many is how the egg is produced without the chicken. No one can guarantee an exact answer.

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