Want to make money on YouTube? Here are 20 best ideas for you

Digital media platforms are now the most popular platforms. Users are using everything from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. These platforms are not only for entertainment but also information sharing, monetization and career.

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Digital Media Platforms are the most popular platforms now. Users are using everything from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. These platforms are not only for entertainment but also information sharing, monetization and career. YouTube is the most prominent among these. It is gaining popularity as a source of entertainment and a way to earn money. Here are some ideas if you too want to earn money on YouTube. You can choose any field you are interested in and work here.

The amount YouTube pays is also very high and you can earn more and more subscribers.

According to recent estimates, an average of $18 (1,490.78 Indian Rupees) can be earned per 1,000 ad views through a YouTube channel. You can attract users with good content. Earn money through likes, comments, shares, views.

Benefits of starting a business on YouTube

Starting a business on YouTube is a great way for small business owners to promote their businesses and increase their customer base.

It is a great way to connect with customers and share personal life moments.

YouTube Business helps build customer loyalty by providing customers with insight into the business and its owners.

YouTube is a great platform to promote your products and services YouTube Business Ideas.

1. Video Content Creator

Video content is becoming popular on YouTube. This can include vlogs, videos, comedy sketches or other videos such as animation or short films.

2. Vlogger

Even now it can be said that there is no celebrity without a vlogger. Also common people also have a YouTube channel. Here you can create complete video blogs about life or interests and upload videos.

3. Video Editor

If you are good at editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, then you can work as a video editor on YouTube. Editing other people’s videos is your job and you can earn money by doing this.

4. Social media influencers 

now a car. Engaged in monetization by promoting some brands. You can also do this through YouTube.

5. Gamer

This is a popular idea as there are many YouTube users and gamers out there who would love to watch others play. As a gamer, make sure you have an awesome channel banner.

6. Online products

YouTube can also be used as a business platform by critic reviewing. Apart from online products, one can work on reviewing various fields such as movies, TV shows, video gamers, tech sector etc.

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7. Cooking Channel 

countless cooking channels on YouTube. This is a popular channel on the YouTube platform. You can also open a cooking channel on YouTube. You can earn more money by increasing users with special cooking.

8. Traveling

Traveling vlogs are also popular. You can go to any place and upload a video about the specialty, the place to go, the instructions to be taken.

It is a great way to share your experiences with others and inspire them to travel too.

9. Show Off Your Dancing

Youtube is a good platform for performing arts like dance song, dance. Apart from entertaining with your dance, you can also teach dance.

10. Be a prankster

If you are good at entertaining people with jokes, you can start a channel where you upload funny videos to entertain your viewers and make them laugh.

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11. E-Commerce Marketer

You can start a channel to promote your e-commerce business. It is a great way to reach new customers, make your business stand out and increase sales.

12. Information Product Marketer

You can share your expertise on YouTube and create and sell information products such as e-books, online courses and webinars. Email marketing is a great way to generate leads and build your brand.

13. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a profitable idea for YouTube creators. This includes endorsing the products and services of a particular company.

By placing affiliate links in your video descriptions, you can earn a commission every time a viewer makes a purchase using your link.

14. Tutorial Video Creator

The digital age has increased the number of people looking for online tutorials. So you can use this opportunity to make videos keeping in mind how to become a tutorial video creator.

With good knowledge you can guide your audience through complex processes or teach new skills.

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15. Test Information

As mentioned earlier, YouTube is not only entertaining but also educational. There are a lot of information creators on YouTube.

So you can start exam, knowledge related channel. You should give information about the subjects and books required for the examination.

16. YouTube Keyword Research

This business does not involve creating videos. Instead, you offer YouTubers keyword research services to help them rank their videos.

17. Musician

You can use YouTube to share your musical talents with your current audience and new viewers and earn money from your performances.

18. Magician

You can use YouTube to showcase your magic skills and earn income from your videos or sell tickets to live shows.

19. Makeup Artist

makeup artist business, you can make videos giving makeup tips and sell the products you use in the videos.

You can also offer makeup services to other YouTubers. You can explain the steps of makeup through your channel.

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20. Motivational Speaker

You can open your channel here as  Motivational Speaker. You should be an expert in motivating someone with right information, good word, inspirational words.

If you have your channel on YouTube, give it a name. It works for you as a brand. Keep the names according to your field.

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