Travel Scams: Booking tickets, hotels online? Don’t fall prey to scams; Know the things you need to watch out for

Beware of Online Scams: According to a study report, half of Indians who book a trip fall prey to online scams in the hope of saving money. In this background, here are the details of what you can be careful of while booking travel online.

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Bengaluru : Now if you want to go on a trip anywhere, there is a facility to book everything in advance online . Many people use this facility . Some people forget some things in the desire of discount . Although trip booking can be done on reliable online platforms , we see and click on advertisements with discount offers on social media . Or tell that there is a trip with huge discount on WhatsApp and the link will be forwarded . If you click on a discount wish, you may be lured to some fraudulent site .

According to a study report by McAfee Corp, half of Indians who book a trip fall victim to online scams in the hope of saving money . In this background , here are the details of what you can be careful of while booking travel online . This can be beneficial for those who book online .

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Be careful before clicking on a link that hides the real URL

Make sure you go to the official website while booking your tour tickets and hotels , resorts etc. When you search on Google, most of the official websites are found on the top . You have not used this . But , sometimes there are links that hide the real URL on social media and WhatsApp . You may be attracted by the fact that you can go on a trip at a very low price . Be careful, it might be some fraudulent site .

Use VPN while booking travel

If you are booking through a public WiFi connection then it is safe to use a VPN network . Hacking becomes easy when connected to public WiFi . There is a possibility of stealing the information in your mobile .

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Do some research before booking travel

It is better to do some research before you book any hotel or resort on a travel website . Check if that hotel exists on other booking sites . Make sure that the hotel is actually available by contacting the given contact number . Use pay later option if available.

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Note the reviews and refund policies

If you have gone to a new booking site, read its refund policy . Also , check if there are reviews about this website on online platforms like Google . If there are too many reviews, it is better to leave . If there are more reviews, pay more attention to the negative ones.

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