LIC WhatsApp Number: How to Use, Full List of Services

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The Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) has started WhatsApp services for the benefit of policyholders. The LIC WhatsApp services would be available to policyholders registered on the LIC Portal.

“Policyholders who have registered their Policies on the LIC Portal will be able to make use of these services on WhatsApp by saying “Hi” on Mobile No. 8976862090,” LIC announced this week through a press release.

LIC WhatsApp Number

The LIC WhatsApp number is 8976862090. Only Policyholders registered on LIC Portal can use the WhatsApp services of LIC.

How to use LIC WhatsApp service

LIC Policyholders can use the WhatsApp services offered by the insurer by simply saying “Hi” to 8976862090, the official WhatsApp number of LIC. The chatbot will then automatically ask you to select an option from the list of given services.

Full list of LIC Services on WhatsApp

Following is the list of LIC services that will be available on WhatsApp.

  1. Premium due
  2. Bonus Information
  3. Policy Status
  4. Loan eligibility Quotation
  5. Loan repayment quotation
  6. Loan interest due
  7. Premium paid certificate
  8. ULIP – Statement of UNits
  9. LIC Service Links
  10. Opt In/Opt Out Services

LIC is the latest financial institution to offer services to customers on WhatsApp.

Free Credit Score on WhatsApp

Recently, Experian India credit information bureau announced a service which allows customers to check their credit scores for free on WhatsApp.

LIC Profit Jumps

LIC reported an increase of 23.87% in the Total Premium Income at R2,30,456 crore in the first half of FY 2022-23 ended September 30. LIC’s profits also jumped this year. In a statement dated November 11, LIC said that the Profit after Tax (PAT) for the half-year ended September 30th, 2022 was Rs 16,635 crore as compared to Rs 1437 crore for the half-year period ended September 2021.

LIC sold 83,59,029 policies in the individual segment between 1st April and 30th September 2022. In a similar six-month period that ended September 30, 2021, LIC sold 73,61,410 policies.

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“The business momentum continues to be strong for LIC and as a result, the overall market share by First Year Premium Income (as per IRDAI) increased to 68.25% for the half year ended September 30th 2022 as compared to full-year market shares of 63.25% for FY 2021-22,” the insurer said.

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