Kidney Stone : Symptoms of kidney stone problem

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  • Kidney stone disease is a very common problem.
  • Many people suffer from this problem.
  • Kidney stones can affect the kidney a lot

Kidney stone is a very common problem nowadays. Many people suffer from this problem. Kidney stones can affect the kidney a lot. It may recur after treatment. So doctors suggest kidney stone removal for those who have this problem. Read on to know what are the symptoms of these kidney problems.

Pain in the back, abdomen and surrounding area

Kidney stones cause excruciating pain. Usually, this pain occurs when a stone passes into the urethra, causing difficulty in passing urine and putting pressure on the kidney. Kidney stone pain often starts suddenly and as the stone moves from one place to another, the pain worsens.

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Burning sensation during urination

The second most common symptom in people suffering from kidney stones is that such people experience a burning sensation while passing urine from the body. That’s why people who experience burning while urinating should get checked for kidney stones and see a doctor without delay.

Blood in urine

A common symptom of kidney stones is blood in the urine, also known as hematuria. This blood can be red, pink or brown.

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Odor in Urine

If your urine is clear and has no strong odor, it means you are healthy. On the other hand, if the urine is dirty or foul-smelling, it could be a sign of kidney stones. Odor in urine can also be caused by bacteria, which can lead to urinary tract infections.

Feeling of nausea and vomiting

People who often feel nausea and vomiting, are suffering from kidney stones. However, this may be due to lack of control over food and drink, but such people should consult a doctor at once. If anyone around you has or sees such symptoms, tell them to seek medical advice immediately.

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Note:  The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Medical advice should be sought before adopting it. Mysore Times does not confirm this information.

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