Indonesia: Law in Indonesia, a conservative Muslim country: Ban on premarital sex

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  • Draft criminal code banning premarital sex in Indonesia
  • Indonesia prepares to implement a law that was ready three years ago
  • If convicted, one year in jail and fine

JAKARTA: Every creature in the world wants sex. In humans, sexual activity is normal for procreation and fulfillment of instinctual desires. However, the obligation of marriage has been imposed for it. Premarital sex is considered immoral. Premarital sex is not permitted in strict conservative Muslim countries. Such people will be punished. Indonesia is now added to this list of countries.

The Indonesian government has decided to implement the law that was prepared three years ago. The government, which has prepared a draft criminal code to ban premarital sex, is all set to present the bill in the upcoming parliament session.

According to the new law, those who engage in premarital sex are subject to a maximum jail term of one year or a fine.

A similar law is in force in a conservative Muslim country, where complaints can be made about pre-marital or extra-marital affairs. A husband or wife can file a complaint for adultery if they have an extra-marital affair even after marriage. Parents can complain if unmarried. Indonesia’s deputy law minister has informed that if the charge is proven during the trial, he will be jailed for one year. An opportunity to withdraw the complaint has also been given before the case comes up for hearing in court.

After a meeting between Indonesia’s Deputy Law Minister and the Ministry of Human Rights and Commission-3, it was decided to implement the old law anew. The minister said that the new law will apply not only to Indonesian citizens but also to foreign tourists.

The government was threatened by the people’s protest 

The Indonesian government had taken a decision to implement such a law three years ago. The implementation of the law regulating pre-marital sex was delayed due to protests across the country.

Countries where premarital sex is banned 

Indonesia is not the first country to ban premarital sex. In many Muslim countries such laws have been implemented long ago.

Premarital sex is illegal in Pakistan. The Hudood Ordinance prohibits premarital sex or extramarital affairs, making it a punishable offence.

In Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, premarital sex and extramarital affairs are punishable by stoning. Recently, a woman who ran away with a pro man was stoned to death.

In Qatar, which is hosting the World Cup football, many years ago, under the adultery control Jina law, premarital sex, extramarital sex and extramarital affairs are considered a punishable offense and punishable by one year.

Premarital sex is also punished in Iran as a strict Muslim tradition. There is a law in force which gives 100 lashes to the offenders. Even in Saudi Arabia, sexual intercourse before marriage is considered a crime under the Zina law.

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In countries like Sudan, Somalia and Malaysia, Sharia law prohibits premarital sex under the criminal code.

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Banned in the Philippines Even in the non-Muslim country of the Philippines, premarital sex is a crime. In Egypt, premarital sex is a crime, as is open speech. In 2017, presenter Doha Salal was sentenced to three years in prison for talking about premarital sex in a TV debate. The Egyptian government imposed punishments and fines on accusations of public indecency.

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