How to Activate HDFC Credit Card Swipe/Online Transactions through WhatsApp?

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Banking has never been simpler, and the majority of major banks now offer the most basic banking services via WhatsApp. HDFC WhatsApp Banking is a WhatsApp chat service that allows customers to simply chat with the bank to gain access to 90+ services and transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Through WhatsApp, HDFC Bank offers an end-to-end encrypted and secure Service Offering. This service, however, will be available only to the bank’s registered mobile number. Here is how to activate HDFC credit card online transactions through whatsapp.


  • HDFC Bank Chat Banking on WhatsApp offers over 90 transactions and services that are available to you at any time and from any location.
  • You are able to Tap or type your query for more information on Account Services, Credit Cards, Loans, and many other topics.
  • Personalised and simple user experience with intelligent and intuitive responses. Intelligent intent capture allows you to interact more casually and conveniently.
  • Yes! All bank communication on ChatBanking is completely secure, safe, and end-to-end encrypted.

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How to activate HDFC credit card online transactions through whatsapp?

  • Firstly add HDFC Bank’s Official WhatsApp number – 7065970659 to your phone’s contacts.
  • Go to and click ‘CONTINUE TO CHAT.’
  • Text Manage My Credit Card to the ab7065970659ove phone number.
  • You will receive a response in which you will be asked to select one of several options. Select option 2 for Online (E-Commerce) Transactions (e.g. just type numeric 2)
  • Enter the OTP received to your registered mobile number. Enter the credit card’s last four digits.
  • The current status of the online transaction type will be displayed on the screen as disabled. Allow the same.
  • You can enable the Online Transactions on the same page

What is the difference between HDFC Bank Chat Banking and HDFC Bank WhatsApp Banking?

You can now do a lot more with WhatsApp’s All New Chat Banking. The new Chat Banking is more intuitive, simplified, and includes more digital self-service journeys to assist with the majority of your banking needs. Experience a whole new way to bank by dialling 7070022222.

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How to cancel HDFC Bank WhatsApp chat banking services?

Simply type De-Register on the New HDFC Bank Chat Banking number to receive further instructions on how to de-register and stop the services via WhatsApp. However, we encourage you to continue using the Chat Banking Services to handle your banking needs in a seamless and trouble-free manner.

Is WhatsApp Banking safe?

Yes, all transactions, conversations, and chats conducted through the New HDFC Bank Chat Banking service are safe and secure. Chat Banking on WhatsApp is safe because all messages are encrypted from start to finish. Furthermore, no one or any third party has access to your account information or chat.

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What happens if I unregister from WhatsApp ChatBanking?

If you de-register from the New HDFC Bank Chat Banking, you will no longer be able to use HDFC Bank’s WhatsApp services. You can, however, re-register to use these services. We strongly advise you to use the Chat Banking Services for a fantastic banking experience.

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