Narendra Modi: List of top awards PM Modi received from 13 countries in 9 years including Nile Award

List of International Awards For Narendra Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who visited Egypt, received Egypt's highest civilian award. In 9 years he has received top awards from 13 countries. Here is the list...

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New Delhi : Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi  has got a lot of international recognition and respect . This line now includes Egypt’s highest civilian award . During Narendra Modi’s visit to Egypt, President Abdel Fattah El – Sisi honored Modi by awarding him the ‘Order of the Nile’ . This is the 13th time that Narendra Modi has received high honors and awards from various countries . Nile is the main river of Egypt . The Ganges is to India as the Nile is to Egypt . It is also the largest river in the world. Thus , Egypt’s highest civilian award is named after the Nile .

In the last 9 years, Modi has not only received these 13 awards, he has also received awards from international organizations . Here is the list of awards received by Narendra Modi during his tenure as Prime Minister …

  1. Egypt : Order of the Nile – 2023 Prime Minister Modi got .
  2. Papua New Guinea : Companion of the Order of Logohu – This is the country’s highest civilian award . Prime Minister Narendra Modi received this award in May 2023 for his contribution to the unity of the Pacific Island countries .
  3. Fiji : Companion of the Order of Fiji – 2023 Modi got this honor in May . Fiji received the highest honor in recognition of Modi’s global leadership .
  4. Republic of Palo : Ebakal Award – This too was received by Modi in May 2023 . During his visit to Papua New Guinea, the President of the Republic of Palo Surangel S. Whipps Jr presented this award to Modi .
  5. Order of Druk Galpo : Bhutan’s highest civilian award was given to Modi in December 2021 .
  6. America – Legion of Merit : This is an honor given by the US Armed Forces in recognition of exceptional achievement and service . In 2020 , Modi got such a rare award .
  7. Bahrain : King Hamad Order of the Renaissance : In 2019
  8. Maldives : Order of the Distinguished Rule of Nishan Izzuddin – This is the highest honor given to a foreign dignitary . Modi got it in 2019 .
  9. Russia : Order of St. Andrew Award – Russia’s highest civilian award, Modi received in 2019 .
  10. UAE : Order of Zayed Award – the highest civilian award of the United Arab Emirates has been awarded to Narendra Modi in 2019 .
  11. Grand Collar of the State of Palestine Award : Modi received this in 2018 . This is the highest award given by Palestine to foreign dignitaries .
  12. Afghanistan : State Order of Ghazi Amir Amanullah Khan – In 2016, Prime Minister Modi received this highest civilian award of Afghanistan .
  13. Saudi Arabia : Order of Abdulaziz Al Saud – The highest honor given to non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia in 2016, Narendra Modi received .

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Awards received by Modi from other international organizations and foundations

  1. Global Energy and Environment Leadership Award in 2021 ; The award was given by Cambridge Energy Research Associates ( CERA ) .
  2. Global Goalkeeper Award in 2019 : Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation presented this award to Modi for Swachh Bharat campaign .
  3. In 2018, the Champions of the Earth Award – the highest honor given by the United Nations for environmental protection work
  4. Soul Peace Prize in 2018 : This award is given by South Korea’s Soul Peace Prize Cultural Foundation for creating bonds between countries for world peace and contributing to the harmony of mankind .

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