Car overheat: Remember these tips if the car overheats… Don’t do some for any reason

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Car overheat: Come summer, we rarely go outside to bask in the sun. Similarly, vehicles also suffer from many problems due to the heat of the sun. Most importantly, engine overheating is a common problem, so let’s see what to do in such cases.

If you are not very careful during a long drive as the scorching heat affects your vehicle’s engine, it can stall and squirm on the road. So if you know all the precautions, you can avoid the problem this summer by doing these 5 important things as soon as your car heats up.

Park immediately: As soon as you realize that your car is overheating, immediately park it in a safe place. Do not continue driving for any reason, as the chances of engine damage are high if you continue driving without realizing the seriousness of the problem. So park in the shade first.

Switch off the engine: It is important to switch off the engine as soon as you park the car on its side. Because the first step is to cool the engine. Do not open the bonnet for any reason, it may injure your hands if you try to open it when it is too hot. So wait a few minutes for the car, engine and cooling system to cool down.

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Coolant level should be checked: Check the coolant level from the coolant reservoir tank after the engine is cool, do not attempt to open the radiator cap when the car is hot. If the coolant level is low, it can be topped up, if there is no coolant, water can also be used temporarily. But cold water does not go well into a hot engine, be careful not to get cold water as it may crack the engine block.

Check for leaks: If the coolant is low, first check if there are any leaks. Look under the car for leaks around coolant holes or around the radiator, hoses or water pump. If there is a leak, fixing it as soon as possible can give some relief.

Get a mechanic help: Call a mechanic if the problem cannot be solved. Do not drive the car for any reason if the engine is still overheating, this will cause further damage to the engine. Even if a mechanic or service station is nearby, don’t drive your car. Because it can cause further damage to essential components.

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By following these simple steps, you can safely take care of your car on the road. It can also protect your cars from major repairs. Keep a close eye on your engine temperature and follow the tips above if your car starts to overheat.

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